Mormon church establishes policy on children of gay couples

Permit me, as a Mormon, to give a member’s perspective on the Mormon Church and gay marriage.  If you’re not interested in religious talk, skip down to other entries that contain my usual insults, foul language, and crude grammar.

LDS Church does not allow children of same sex couples to join

This has been all over the news.  Reactions are everywhere.  On one extreme we have members who are unsurprised and glad the Church is making a stand for morality despite the backlash from the rest of the world.  On the other hand we have those who hate the Church and see this as another opportunity to hurl stones.

But in the middle are many good people who are confused and even distraught at the news.  Well-meaning people who just want to understand.

Well here comes Elder Christofferson to the rescue:


It’s hard for people to understand that while doctrine never changes, Church policy changes all the time. Doctrine is given by God to the prophets and is based on eternal principles and eternal law. Church policy is created by imperfect men and is used for the administration of the Gospel and to provide practical instruction in cases where the doctrinal principle doesn’t. These men try their hardest to follow the Holy Spirit, but they are just men and are fallible. Therefore, it is impossible for policy to be perfect and we’ve even seen that sometimes the Church admits the previous policy decisions were wrong (like with blacks and the Priesthood).

That does not mean this particular policy is wrong or may ever be changed. In fact, we operate on the belief that it never will change. What it does means is that here is the point where members exercise faith in those who are appointed (not paid) to lead us. The merits of being a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are too great to be cast off because policy is not perfect. You may agree with it or you may not. You may understand it or you may not. The policy may completely correct or it may be changed later. But what we do know is that the greatest blessings in this life and in the life to come are found within Jesus Christ’s Church and following the His Apostles who lead it.

Whatever your circumstance, we believe that God is a fair and loving god and that it will all work out in the end. Some inequalities may happen in this life but that’s kind of the way the life works. It sucks and can be very hard, but that’s just how it’s supposed to be. Sorry if you’re just learning this. You may decide that something like this is too much and that you can’t be in a Church that has policies like this. As for me in my life, though, I have found (sometimes the hard way) that I have been the most blessed and happiest when I stick with the Church. So yeah, I’m gonna keep doing that. And I will continue to support the Brethren (Church leadership).




Not for nothing, but before all these non-Mormons gets too worked up about a policy affecting only a few thousand people, you guys realize we’re talking about a religion right? A religion that is based on supernatural occurrences? I know all of Christianity is based on miracles, but some churches these days don’t literally believe in the Virgin Birth or the Resurrection. Not Mormons. You’re dealing with people who literally believe that Jesus Christ and God (and later a bunch of angels) appeared to a 14-year-old boy and told him to establish the Church. Literally. Like, without these supernatural events, we have no religion. We claim no truth or authority. It’s hilarious to me how everyone gets on their high horse calling Mormons bigots over stuff like this when they should be calling us insane. Insanity trumps bigotry in my mind. If you’re insane, who even cares if you’re a bigot? So how about you leave us alone when we decide how to deal with fellow insane members who happen to be gay? And if you don’t think we’re insane, that means you’re religious, too, and must be insane as well. So you don’t count.



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